Best Foreign Films: X-Men-Dark Phoenix

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Best Foreign Films: X-Men-Dark Phoenix

Best Foreign Films: X-Men-Dark Phoenix Director: Simon Kimberg
Screenplay: Simon Kimberg / John Byrne / Chris Cremon / Dave Cochleum / Jack Kobe / Stan Lee
Starring: Sophie Turner / James McAvoy / Michael Fassbinder / Nicholas Hoult / Tye Sheridan / More…
Genre : Action / Science Fiction / Adventure
Official website:
Producer Country/Region: United States
language: English
Release date: 2019-06-06 (Mainland China) / 2019-06-07 (USA)
Length: 114 minutes

Best Foreign Films: X-Men-Dark Phoenix synopsis

The film’s plot revolves around Qin Gree, one of the most popular members of the X-Men, telling her story of a gradual transformation into a black phoenix. In a life-threatening space rescue operation, the piano was hit by the mysterious cosmic force and became the most powerful mutant. After that, Qin Gree must not only try to control the growing and extremely unstable forces, but also fight against the inner demons. Her out of control caused the entire X-Men family to fall apart, and the whole planet was in danger of being destroyed. “X-Men: Black Phoenix” is the most intense and emotionally rich “X-Men” movie to date. It is a collection of “X-Men” series in the past 20 years. Everyone is very familiar and loves the variant. The family is about to face the most powerful enemy – and she is just one of them.

Best Foreign Films: X-Men-Dark Phoenix comment

Whether it is a work, a person, or a thing, there are often many different topics that can be derived. Breaking down these topics and discussing them separately will have more to gain.

No longer directed by Brian Singer, the quality has dropped significantly. Originally the middle of the “X-Men” series, but because of the acquisition of Flowserve, forced to become the final chapter, many stories have not finished, they will be finished. “X-Men” series is the only one without Wolverine (except for the “Death” series), without the Wolverine’s “X-Men”, the charm is greatly reduced; eating settings, and “reversing the future” ending conflict; Fast silver is absent from the final battle. The slow motion of “Reversing the Future” and “Apocalypse” is gone. The magnetic king and the beast will kill the Phoenix girl for a while, and protect her for a while; the Phoenix woman is an enemy army for a while, and a friendly army for a while, the transformation is too abrupt… … From “X-Men 1” in 2000 to “Black Phoenix” in 2019, it happened to be in the second decade, and the song ended. Unfortunately, this ending is not complete. Although Flowserve was acquired by Disney, it is said that Marvel Pictures has not restarted the X-Men plan for five years. The next time I saw the X-Men did not know when it was, and looked and cherished. After all, it is difficult to find an actor who is more suitable for playing Professor X and Wan Wang.

“24 Hours To Live” recommended chinese Film !

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"24 Hours To Live" recommended chinese Film !

Xu Qing, a well-known actress in mainland China, was born in Beijing in 1969. Debut in 1990, the first Chinese film was Chen Kaige’s work. Later, he cooperated with Ge You and Jiang Wen. In 2001, I shot “Swordsman”, everyone also knows Xu Qing in Ren Yingying in “Swordsman”, and Xu Qing of that meeting is really beautiful. With this drama, she also has herself in the entertainment industry. A place for you.”24 Hours To Live” recommended chinese Film !

"24 Hours To Live" recommended chinese Film !

Xu Qing’s acting skills needless to say, it’s a rare actress and beauty actress who lives in the entertainment circle. Xu Qing is called the first beauty because of two sweet and deep dimples. The career is very successful, but in the business, Xu Qing is very successful. Feelings are more sad. When you are young, there is no shortage of people to pursue. It may be because you have a high vision. There has not been much progress. Now, at the age of 49, you are still alone. You can’t help but feel sorry.

However, there have been reports that Xu Qing has had four love affair, but only the only affair is Xu Qing admitted.

In 1997, Xu Qing met Liu Bo at a party. Although Xu Qing was not very familiar with Liu Bo, the temperament of Liu Bo’s poet attracted Xu Qing. It is said that Liu Bo is a rare genius. At the age of 14, he was admitted to the Chinese Department of Wuhan University. At the age of 15, he published two personal poems. After graduating from university, he entered the Hunan Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute and obtained a master’s degree. Then he was admitted to Peking University philosophy. The Ph.D. student of the department studied with Mr. Ji Xianlin to learn Eastern philosophy.

The two young men and women are attracted to each other and appreciate each other, and naturally they love each other without any scruples. However, Liu Bo is already married and has a daughter. Later, after Liu Bo and his wife divorced, they came together with Xu Qing. Unfortunately, the last two are still separated.

Xu Qing said that the reason for leaving a man is very simple: when the other party is no longer charismatic. For example, when the other party reveals the “little man” side, once she sees this side, she can no longer produce love anyway. Xu Qing is going to be the purest thing. She will give the other party the purest. She wants to be in love every day like the first day. One day they are tired. When they are put down, they will be gone.

Feelings are not expected, so Xu Qing is also fully engaged in work and began to contact different types of foreign films.

Just in the old cannon in 2016, Xu Qing appeared on a large scale. Among them, a piece of passion for Feng Xiaogang and Xu Qing was also exposed on the Internet.

The netizen shouted flowers in the cow dung!”24 Hours To Live” recommended chinese Film !

In the recent photo of Xu Qing’s movie “24 Hours: Rebirth of the End”, Xu Qing and the male god Ethan Hawke hugged each other, wrapped their blankets with each other’s body stills, and also made many people to Xu Qing and Ethan. · Hawke, the two goddess of the goddess of the goddess level praise.

Many netizens said: I always feel that Xu Qing is getting older and more open, and will play more than young people!”24 Hours To Live” recommended chinese Film !

I know that intimate drama is actually a big test for actresses. First of all, we must overcome some psychological fears. Secondly, we must integrate into real emotions. This is definitely a technical activity. It can be seen that Xu Qing is indeed very There is professionalism, and acting does not really have to say that it can’t be given in the entertainment circle for so many years.

Eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese film!

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Eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese cinema!

The world is big, no wonder, in the film industry, you must have this feeling. Do you think that there are one or two films that you think are very good, but others just don’t know?

Congratulations, you have chosen an unpopular movie, you have your own taste. I often talk about popular movies, shots, and clips. Today I recommend eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese film! Take a look!

These are foreign films for you and the most popular movies I like, share them with you here!

Eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese cinema!

NO.8 “The Yangtze River Map”

This film is the only Chinese film in the 66th Berlin Film Festival. The film is different from Jia Zhangke’s depiction of the Yangtze River’s new realism “Three Gorges Good Man”. The story of director Yang Chao has a surreal, magical story core, man and Women are in different time and space. This is an art epic film that combines Eastern context, aesthetic expression and values.

NO.7 “killing”

In terms of the sense of pleasure brought by the perception, the Sichuan audience should be the most happy group of people in the national audience. The whole Sichuanese language runs through to the end. The “turtle son” “plays together”, “melon goods” and “miaoqi” When the dialects are all over the place, they are directed at this point, and they should “pick up” for this movie! What’s more, this is indeed a good movie that can bring you some thoughts. Golden Horse Shadow Huang Huang once again challenged himself and offered a good performance. At the same time, Liang Jing and Wang Xun also broke through themselves and contributed a wonderful performance. The ridiculous fables of troubled times.

NO.6 “Ocean Paradise”

This film should be regarded as the most sincere film of Chinese-language films in the first half of 2010. In the film, there are Li Lianjie and the article joining, which really increased the attention of this film. Through a trivial little thing, the film makes the ordinary and great fatherly love, like a trickle, break into the depths of the audience. Until the end, my father died of illness, the article played the autistic son, learning the father’s life to teach a little bit and began to live alone, the whole film’s emotions reached a climax, many viewers could not help but burst into tears.

NO.5 “Master”

I have seen the best action dramas in recent years. This movie gives me the most profound feeling, that is, the kind of rivers and lakes that run through during the period. Different from the cool routines commonly used in action movies in recent years, the fighting action of the whole movie is crisp and neat. Although the action is fast, it makes people see clearly and clearly, and there is a knife-to-meat feeling. The plot is not complicated. Winning the actor is too good, just say that these two women, Song Jia’s fascinating and charming, Jiang Wenli’s skillful and powerful, are very worth seeing.

NO.4 “Three Gorges Good Man”

This film tells the story of the little people at the bottom. Although the subject is dull, many surrealist scenes, such as dancing ballroom dancing on the dam site and ascending the buildings like rockets, attract the audience. A laugh. In the context of the chaotic relocation, the film gradually brought out the underlying ecology of China under the baptism of modern civilization and their respective persistent emotions and values. The whole film is similar to a documentary in a realistic style. Occasionally, there are several surreal “heterogeneous”, which will also make some viewers puzzled.

NO.3 “Detective”

This is one of the peaks of Johnnie To in 2007, personally. The film story is colorful, every detail can withstand scrutiny, and the plot is almost invulnerable, and the plot is quite effective. The last shot of the film was dazzling. Every time An Zhijie changed the pistol, it represented how he would arrange the scene of the death. The dark theme of the film was sublimated at this time.

Eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese cinema!

NO.2 “Dan Arrows Wear Heart”

This is a movie that can be understood by people with family. Looking at other people’s evaluations, one sentence says the essence of this movie: they are all right, just not suitable. The heroine is an extremely secular woman, she cares about it, likes to bargain, warm-hearted, and tempered. She can support a family with her own strength, but at the same time her control is too strong, control her husband, control her children. When she loses control, she would rather destroy everything and not compromise. Eventually created her tragic life.

NO.1 Eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese film! Heart Labyrinth 8.7

A very low-cost movie, a film that I don’t know from the director to all the actors. Imagine the first filmmaker, a production cost of only 1.7 million, no movie of any star, how to get everyone’s favor and praise?

Only the story can be realized in this almost fairy tale. This movie gives me the biggest feeling, it is real. I even believe that today, in a similar village or town, the story told in the movie. The whole film’s portrayal of humanity is vivid and accurate, and may be the choice of most of us.

Eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese film! I highly recommend you to check out these Chinese movies because I think they are great! So I recommend it to you.

Eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese film! I highly recommend you to check out these Chinese movies because I think they are great! So I recommend it to you.

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The most popular movies reflect the tastes of contemporary people!

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The most popular movies reflect the tastes of contemporary people!

It’s like wearing pants. When people are tired of wearing tight pants, they want to wear bell-bottoms. They wear greasy pants and want to wear straight pants. When the straight pants are popular, people suddenly find that it is in the ground. Retro. At this time, you will find that the most popular movies reflect the tastes of contemporary people!

When some obsessive or stubborn people suddenly realize that their tastes are changing, the world will become diversified, and people’s tastes may also follow the laws of thermodynamics, and the interesting things will increase irreversibly.

The most popular movies reflect the tastes of contemporary people!

Until people like everything or don’t like anything, they feel inexplicably indifferent to anything. By then, the whole world will become boring.

Art history is also like comparing idealism to tights, comparing romanticism to bell-bottoms, and comparing realism to straight pants.

Then the artistic taste of people always changes between idealism and romanticism and realism until diversification appears. Then, all the art is gradually typed into industrial products.

As a literary novel, it is a consumer novel, and as a movie, it is a commercial type film.

The history of literature is such that since the revival of literature, literature has been the revival of classical idealistic aesthetics. The creation of the work is not a hero, but an emperor, not a martyrdom, or a saint prophet.

Then there was romanticity, which started with Hugo’s Cromwell, but the exaggeration, freedom and madness of Hugo’s romanticism, and the praise of beauty and power, ended up like a fat man Can’t eat anymore.

So realist works came into being. This is Balzac and Flaubert Mobsang, and they went out to Zola.

Zola’s natural art is rigid experimental scientism, an art that wants to kill art. Later, the post-modernity of literature emerged.

What is postmodernism? Postmodernism is the literary pluralism that people have finally produced from the reflection on “what is literature.”

The most popular movies reflect the tastes of contemporary people! The history of film is a little different:

First, the film was realistic at the beginning of its birth, because he could only use the documentary as its starting point.

Second, the development of film and the development of literature interact, and it draws lessons from literature and learns lessons.

In this way, it is much faster than literature in the transformation of aesthetic taste. For literature, it takes a cycle of hundreds of years. For movies, it only takes decades (it takes only ten years for a filmmaker).

This a little look at the history of film shows that from the silent era, the surrealism, symbolism, aestheticism, and expressionism of those dazzling film genres are fast and fast. It’s amazing.

Finally, it finally stopped on the right track of Italian neo-realism. This aspect has appeared with France, a great film aesthetic critic Bazin.

His thoughts come from Sartre, and Sa is a close-up of “What is literature?” “, he also wrote a book, “What is a movie? 》.

It is also related to the continuous introspection of film artists and constantly reflecting on the relationship between film as an art. But the film did not stop after realism.

From the neo-realism of Italy and the new wave of French generated by it, people’s understanding of film is getting deeper and deeper, the technology of film is becoming more and more mature, and some artists with deep and dark art are joining the ranks of filmmakers and become a generation. Movie master.

The most popular movies reflect the tastes of contemporary people!

They began to give poetic color to the realism of the film. They promoted or sang the reality in the film. This is the semi-ideal and semi-romantic color in the film.

Like Bergman, he gave the film a religious atmosphere, and he traced the teachings in the film. He uncovered the sacred veil of humanity;

Fellini, he gave the film a funny farce, a dream and a symbol (Hugo thinks that the introduction of comics is the beginning of romanticism), he always walks in the film at the critical point of seriousness and not seriousness, in seriousness and not seriousness. Let people see the absurdity of this world;

Tarkovsky gave the film a human reflection and introspection. It is pure poetry. His film does not face the audience, but faces the entire human race.

Antonioni gives the film a solid space, time lapse and clear rationality (of course, using art to express philosophy is the most stupid and difficult to please, but Antonioni is poetry to turn this philosophy into physical.

The most popular movies reflect the tastes of contemporary people! He seems to use film to shoot Lu Keli’s philosophical poem “The Theory of Material Nature”). The characters in his films are in some mysterious space or in the mystery of history. Therefore, rather than saying that he wants to express the fate of the character, it is better to say that he wants to express the mystery of fate.

How about Chinese movies? Take you into the history of Chinese cinema

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How about Chinese movies? Take you into the history of Chinese cinema

This article tells you about Chinese movies! Friends who like Chinese movies welcome you to communicate! The most popular movie are often popular and impressive! Someone asked: How about Chinese movies? Take you into the history of Chinese cinema.

The development of Chinese film history is quite special. Here we only talk about the film after the founding of the People’s Republic. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the films were idealistic at the beginning. The protagonists are tall, stalwart, perfect, and pure, and the three generations of poor farmers are not only glorious. A national hero who wants to scream before he dies.

How about Chinese movies? Take you into the history of Chinese cinema

This period lasted for a particularly long time until the end of the Cultural Revolution. At this time, there were some non-idealistic filmmakers who began to give the film some romantic tones, but they were all cautious and cautious. The characters are small people, some of the counter-revolutionaries who were defeated before, mainly some young artists. How about Chinese movies? Take you into the history of Chinese cinema.

For example, “Wrangler”, “Small Street” and “Lushan Love”, etc., filmmakers began to treat scars to Chinese literary and artisans, this is scar literature and scar film. Later, the film began to express the romanticism of the little people in the real life, like “Our Centennial”, “Xiyingmen”, and so on. Of course, in which the idealistic film did not completely disappear, then the “garland under the mountain” was also taken, but the film was already shooting those imperfect heroes, such as the deputy company commander who broke open in the war. The discipline of the army, but his image is still praised.

After the reform and opening up, Hong Kong’s martial arts films began to be shown in China. This has changed and inspired the movie taste of the mainland audience. What is more intense than romanticism in martial arts movies? The invasion of Hong Kong movies has brought Chinese films into a new era. This is a romantic era, but this is not done by Chinese filmmakers, so a kind of resistance will follow.

Wu Tianming, a Chinese film director still carrying great ambitions, suddenly and incredibly photographed two realist films that are also extraordinary in the history of world cinema. One is “Old Well” and the other is “Life”. The reality in the two films is cruel, calm, straight, and unspeakable.

How about Chinese movies? Take you into the history of Chinese cinema

The realist aesthetic tastes of the Chinese people are refreshing, and the international filmmakers are also eye-catching. Among them, “Old Well” became the first Chinese film in New China to win an international award. Using these two Chinese films to compare realism in modern movies, you will find that the realistic techniques in modern movies are extremely exaggerated and superficial. That is because Director Wu also preserves the conscience and seriousness of a film artist. This is what modern directors lack (if there are also modern people, the freedom of speech is misused).

How about Chinese movies? Take you into the history of Chinese cinema. It can be said that it is these two Chinese films that have established realism aesthetics in Chinese films. After this, the movie “Yellow Land” was produced. And this film has a huge impact on Chinese movies. It has changed the direction of the development of Chinese cinema. This can be said from the following four directors. They are Chen Kaige, Zhang Yimou, Jiang Wen and Jia Yuke.For you, Chinese movies are foreign films, thank you for your continued support!

Anatomy of a latest movie from four angles!

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Anatomy of a latest movie from four angles!

Today, anatomy of a latest movie from four angles!! Let’s take a look!

1, the relationship between real dreams and half-dream half-awake state

Anatomy of a latest movie from four angles!

For Nolan, “Foundation” is an elusive dream. “I hope that I can have enough time to complete this movie, because what I want to express here is the question I have been thinking about since I was sixteen years old. I completed the first draft of the script seven or eight years ago. But then the story progressed much more than I thought, and it touched the relationship between real dreams and half-dreams,” Nolan said last summer when shooting the gap.

Nolan divides his youth into two stages, Chicago and London, but from his consistent unsmiling look, the Thames should nourish him much better than Lake Michigan. At a very young age, Nolan found out that he had a lot of strange thoughts. He would naturally wake up in the middle of the night, and then he would go into a light sleep state, in which he often decided that he was dreaming. After that, more strange feelings will follow, and the story in the dream can also be separated by memory.

“The human brain can accommodate all the real scenes. I haven’t encountered the limit of this kind of behavior in my research. Just like you are walking on a beach, you can look around and grab a thin hand on the beach. Sand. I tried to verify this truth by manipulating the ‘conscious dreams.’ My script is built on these common and simple truths. The only thing that seems strange in the movie is that technology can invade. Other people’s brains and share the same dream with another person at the same time.

DiCaprio’s joining is not only a big movie star, he is also able to break the gap in science fiction movies, let more people into this story. “Leo’s thoughts are always a lot. He thinks about problems from the perspective of the character, and also takes into account the role that the character can play in the story and the development of the whole story. It is usually very interesting to talk to him. The development of the filming will always be a big push. I think the emotional world of this character is driving the story far more than it was when it was first started,” Nolan said.

2, from action movies to discovering emotional connotations

“In the beginning, I wrote “Foundation” as an action movie, and the commonality of action movies is the superficiality of intentionally dealing with emotional lines.

The feelings of those passages should be so close to the point but very fascinating, and the moment of the burst of joy must be in place.

So, at the beginning, what I wanted was a movie like this, but when I looked back at the original idea, I found it extremely unreliable.

Because “Foundation” is a film that relies heavily on the connotation of the film, it is about dreams and memories, so I decided to aggravate the emotional part of the drama.

When we first filmed the “Batman” movie, we realized that the most effective way to communicate with the audience is the feelings in the movie, and the role of the big stars is just to pull the audience into the cinema, no matter what story they are next. How strange they are, they will pay for those familiar faces. ”

3, Anatomy of a latest movie from four angles!! Return to old-fashioned film techniques

Unsettled mental state and unreliable logical reasoning have been the recurring themes in Nolan’s films:

“Memory Fragments” is a victim of lost memory. “Insomnia” is a middle-aged detective plagued by insomnia. “Fatal Magic” is about another patient with a illusion in his mind. The story of “Batman Prequel 2: The Dark Knight” takes a subversive form, and fundamentally no longer allows the super-good citizen who is buried in the name to appear.

Anatomy of a latest movie from four angles!

In all of these stories, Nolan insisted on using a camera to complete the filming, and the computer was basically worthless at him. This way of operation in Hollywood is simply unbelievable.

To achieve this is thanks to the help of Vale Fest and Chris Cobb. One of them is Nolan’s royal photographer, and the other is Bond’s special effects director. Together, they helped Nolan to achieve it. The return of old-fashioned film techniques.

When Joseph Gordon-Levitt filmed a street fighting scene, Cobb’s team designed a large-angle rotating corridor for the sudden change of the dream to the real scene.

In this filming, Nolan said: “This looks like a machine that uses punishment. We tortured Joseph for several weeks. But when we watched the film, the effect inside was before each of us. Never seen.

The rhythm of the whole plot is very unique. When you watch it, even if you know how to shoot this, you can still faint you. This kind of shooting is really great, so that extraordinary things are very simple. The way it happens, this is exactly what we want. ”

4, mechanical scene design

In the dream of surrealistic effects, “Foundation” did not go to Hollywood’s old road, those misty, liquid effect scene styles are all abandoned, replaced by a large-scale mechanical scene design.

In Nolan’s film, Escher’s “Dr. Carrigal’s Cabin” style completely defeated Dali’s drop of water.

Architecture also strongly influenced the cultural feeling of the film. The design of the dream scene is not an illusory poetry, but rather a concrete architectural blueprint.

This result has something to do with Nolan’s long fascination with architecture. A key scene in the “Foundation” was filmed at the School of Architecture at the University of London, which was once a nod to acquire an English degree and meet the current wife, Emma Thomson.

The enthusiasm of “Avatar” set off a wave of this type of film, dissecting a new movie from four angles!

Telling a story of life in two spaces is endless (“Future Warrior”, “Eve of Heaven and Earth”, etc.).

Many people have also asked if Nolan’s new film is also going this way. In the face of this problem, Nolan can only shake his head very helplessly. “I think our film may be more inclined to the old-fashioned academic style.” The multi-faceted extension of the Matrix and the temptation of the multi-layered reality concept.

The whole concept of Avatar is similar to the one we are doing, but I think when I started to make this film, its source is more like the movie “The Matrix”, “The Tenth Movie Download Steps”. .

Just like “Memory Fragments,” their foundation is based on your questioning the authenticity of the world around you. ”It can be said that this is a very popular foreign films, I recommend you to watch it!

The latest movie about racing is very classic and recommended to watch!

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The latest movie about racing is very classic and recommended to watch!

The most popular foreign films, “The Legend of Racing”, is currently the first fashion action drama in China. The film gathers Hong Kong and Taiwan, the mainland’s top production team, around the competitive theme of competitive racing, love and friendship, with a strong cast of Dou Yu, Xin Xin, Zhang Yining, Zhang Xiwei, Wang Baijie, Zeng Zhiwei, He Gang, etc. Putting on the professional racer’s competition, the details of life and their unique attitude towards life, let the audience understand the glory of the racer and the contribution behind this glory, and for the first time on the top 100 racing cars worth nearly one billion Will be the most dazzling element of the film.

The latest movie about racing is very classic and recommended to watch!

Red Racing The movie released on January 20, 2009, formerly known as “Crazy Racing”, alias “Red Racing”. Directed by Ning Hao and screenwriter. Starring is Huang Wei, Jiu Kong, Yu Xiang, Xu Wei and so on.

“Speed ​​Angel” tells the story of a group of fashionable and maverick urban girls. From speed to kung fu, it perfectly shows the urban girl’s fever project – racing, extreme sports and other extraordinary performances in real life and fantasy world. The fusion of a series of competitive and inspirational stories is a collection of modern racing and extreme sports, and the first Asia-Pacific girl action film led by a racing car.

The most popular movie – “Illegal Racing for the Heroes of the Road”

Zhang Zhilin, Li Lizhen, Huang Qiusheng starring in a movie. The master of the story, Zhao Zhichong, won the beloved woman through the car, and lost the relatives and friends because of the car. Finally, he was forced to end the grudge by racing. The film mainly uses the car to highlight all kinds of grievances. There are not many highlights on the car’s movements. The last part of the car is still a big hit.

The latest movie – the legend of the car god

This is a racing movie starring Wang Wei, the popular king at the time. Wang Jie finally filmed a film about the car. The origin of the motorcycle and Wang Jie must not be said that everyone will know. Wang Jie, who is riding in the car, feels a kind of domineering, and more valuable is that he The performance of the car god when giving up the car because of the death of the lover is also in place. Is it because of some feelings? In any case, Wang Jie’s performance in this movie is still remarkable. Wang Jie’s film work worthy of collection

Latest movie – car god

It is also a classic racing movie with stars. Ren Dahua’s acting is indeed admirable, and the scene of the bus ride is also enjoyable. However, every time I saw the 3XV pressure at the beginning of Ren Dahua’s pressure, I felt that it would be more exaggerated to press the pressure so that it would not be squeezed out, and there would be no lifts. . . . But in general, this is still a very good movie.

Latest movie – Flying family

The film tells the story of an old acrobatic artist with the title of “Speeding King” who is going to let his daughters inherit their own clothes, carry forward their own flying stunt skills, and present to the eleventh with the extremely difficult speed program “Swallows Exploring the Sea”. The second daughter, Hongbao, was duty-bound to shoulder the heavy responsibility. However, due to her busy practice of stunts and innocent care of the family, she could not get the understanding of her husband. As a result, her mood was depressed and she fell into disrepair. Her husband learned that she regretted it. At the ceremony, the little daughter took over her sister. Under the strict training of her sister, the flying stunt finally achieved great success in the eleventh ceremony.

The latest movie about racing is very classic and recommended to watch!

The film was filmed on the basis of real deeds and caused a lot of sensation at the time. It is a very real, close to life racing movie.

Alang’s story

This film is not a pure racing movie, but it is not isolated from the car. For many fans, “Alang’s Story” is full of emotions. Alang finally participated in the car race and eventually lost his life, letting people shed tears. In many fans, “A Lang’s Story” is an insurmountable classic.

Latest Movies – Speed ​​Legend

Leading by Liu Weiqiang, the famous actors actor Ke Shouliang, Cecilia Cheung and Zheng Yijian jointly created the action blockbuster. The film is mainly about describing the speed of arrogance and arrogance, and has not been influenced by parents to do business. Instead, he drives his beloved ride to pursue speed and stimulating life. In addition to the attraction of many big-name stars, the biggest selling point of “Shen” is of course the scene of the car, and the coolest addition to Zheng Yijian is the two sports cars that many young people are dreaming of – Evo.V and Impreza.

Latest Movie – Christopher Nolan’s many film productions

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Latest Movie - Christopher Nolan's many film productions

Christopher Nolan’s first sci-fi movie – Memory Fragments

It has been a long time since the screen was published. The story of this two-line narrative has constructed two conflicts of time and space. The clues that have been entangled have attracted countless people. With this master-level work, Nolan and his brother Jonathan won the nomination for the best Oscar screenplay of the year.

Latest Movie - Christopher Nolan's many film productions

In 2008, Nolan relied on the success of “The Dark Knight” for his fame and fortune. As the most successful super hero movie in history, “The Dark Knight” should be one of the few films that basically did not use computer technology.

“Foundation” is the seventh film directed by Nolan, and his first test of water in the field of science fiction movies. This film that combines the sensory disorder of “Memory Fragments” and the filming scale of “The Dark Knight” has 160 million US dollars. The previous budget, location shooting has also been involved in Morocco, France, Japan and other three places.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who has just joined the “Closed Island”, is the actor in the film. In the film, he will play a detective who uses high-tech means to invade other people’s minds and dreams to detect commercial crimes. But the problem is that he himself has been tortured by his heart for a long time because of the pain of his wife.

This film is expected to become the first action-structured action film in the history of Hollywood movies. Although it doesn’t sound like the type that usually appears in this season, Warner and Legend have teamed up to protect the film. Known as the “Matrix” version of the “disaster”.

Latest Movie - Christopher Nolan's many film productions

In this story of both Freud and Ian Fleming, DiCaprio is the director of Nolan, he said, “For the realization of this unimaginable cross-border integration, Nolan is definitely The best director candidate.

In a recent telephone interview, Leonardo DiCaprio said that “complex and ambiguous can accurately describe this story”, and ultimately pushing the story to the end is a challenging task, but This is exactly what Nolan is best at.

“Insomnia” and “Memory Fragments” are stories of multi-threaded, multi-faceted, complex narrative structures that, while clarifying the facts and making the film entertaining, you have to admit that Nolan is indeed this. expert.

His works are the most popular movie. I haven’t seen them and I recommend them to see them. I also read them and recommend them to see them again. There will be different feelings! Several of his works have been named the best foreign films!

Best Foreign Movies – The First Part of

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Best Foreign Movies - The First Part of

Introduce a foreign films today.


Dom Cobb is a thief who is good at sneak thieves. He specifically sneaked into the consciousness of the target characters to steal confidential information when they were weakest in their sleep state. Dom’s talent skills have made him a coveted partner in business espionage, but at the same time it has turned him into an international fugitive who has lost his love.

At this time, Cobb accepted a new task, this is his chance to redeem, but he has to do the most impossible state of subconscious crime: the idea of submerging. Cobb and his partners did not plan the perfect theft as they did in the past. Instead, they sneaked into the deepest subconscious of the target person and implanted an idea. If they succeed, it will be an unprecedented crime. However, even if they carefully plan every step of the action, there is a mysterious enemy in the murderous murder of this mission, which seems to be able to predict every step of their plan…

Best Foreign Movies - The First Part of <Inception>

And this mysterious person, only Cobb can sense its existence…

【related comment】:

A very complex but fascinating journey through science fiction dreams. – “Hollywood Report”

The film is like “The Matrix” plus the “New York Metaphor”. Anti-physics discussions, exciting action scenes, impactful emotions, and Leonardo’s amazing performances are addictive. No, this is a brand new field of Nolan movies. –“empire”

“Foundation” is a very clever film, rich in details, intricate narratives, bringing people into a labyrinth of subconsciousness.This is a most popular movie, I believe you will like it, the introduction is still not finished…

The most popular movie – are you sure you don’t want to watch such a classic Chinese movie?

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The most popular movie - are you sure you don't want to watch such a classic Chinese movie?

New Express News: “I am not a drug god” premiere! ! !

Reporter Liang Xiaowen reports: The film “I am not a Medicine God” starring and starring Ning Hao and Xu Wei held the world premiere in Beijing the night before. Ning Hao, Xu Wei and Wen Muye took the lead in the performances of Zhou Wei, Wang Chuanjun and Tan Zhuo. Huang Xiaoming and Liu Xiaoqing also appeared in the movie. In the interview, Xu Wei thanked Ning Hao for always giving him a particularly good role. Liu Xiaoqing also said that “there has been no such classic Chinese movie for a long time.”

The most popular movie - are you sure you don't want to watch such a classic Chinese movie?

“I am not a drug god” is a heavy work that Ning Hao and Xu Wei have teamed up with each other and re-entered the summer file after 12 years. The film tells the story of Cheng Yong, the owner of the oil store, from a vendor who can’t afford the rent, and became the exclusive agent of the Indian generic “Gleining”, adding profound practical significance to the tone of joy and humor. The film recently opened the national advanced point of view, and scored 9.7 points on the ticketing platform. It scored the highest score in the domestic film with “War Wolf 2”. The two-day cumulative box office exceeded 55 million. At the premiere, Lu Yong, the prototype character in the film story, appeared and shared the status quo of the patients who are gradually improving.

Xu Wei, who is the main performer and producer, said frankly that the small kindness of humanity in the film is getting bigger and bigger. This kind of compassion is enough to touch all people. Through the story, we can see the development of the whole era and the country. Xu Wei also praised the director of Wen Muye as a newcomer. It was not easy to infiltrate the big love for the first time.

The most popular movie - are you sure you don't want to watch such a classic Chinese movie?

Huang Xiaoming, the guest who came to watch the movie that day, said with emotion that “the performance is good, the director is good, and the creation is good.” “The Chinese realist film is very well done. As a filmmaker, even if I didn’t participate in the film, I feel that I am very proud. I am very touched and really proud of you.” Guest Liu Xiaoqing also admitted that he personally experienced and witnessed the birth of some classic movies. He has not seen such works for a long time. “Congratulations, I see you today. Especially wonderful, really, there is no such classic Chinese movie for a long time, thank you.” “I am not a drug god” will be released on July 6 with IMAX, China Giant Screen and other formats.

As the Best Foreign Films, I recommend everyone to watch it, and it will definitely be rewarded! It is not just a Popular Foreign Films, it is also the same in China.