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Introduce the ten most popular foreign movies. Which one do you like?

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Introduce the ten most popular foreign movies. Which one do you like?

1, “Time and Space Lovers” is a very touching film

The film begins with love, adds a lot of brain holes, and the result is too late to prevent you from giving a big blow. The original film really wants to tell the family, let people understand the meaning of death and courageously face it, while cherishing all and treating others well;

2, “The Mistakes in Stars” is adapted according to the novel

Two young people with serious illness gradually came together, cherished each other, and the dialogue was truly touching. The whole film focused on expressing the confrontation between the heroine and the disease, and the actor’s encouragement to her. However, the ending was unpredictable and earned enough audience. Tears

Introduce the ten most popular foreign movies. Which one do you like?

3, “Fox and Children” another perspective to interpret people and nature

The occasional encounter makes the little girl and the little fox become intimate friends. However, this film portrays the inferiority of the person, that is, possessiveness, the little fox does not understand the way the little girl loves herself, and even flees the small ” Family”. Love is to give her freedom.

4, “Bella’s Fantasy Garden” super cure a film

Telling a funny story of a reluctant grandfather and neighbor Bella and a young chef who both help each other and help each other, and create a beautiful garden to materialize happiness.

5, “Wedding” is the most moving Korean movie that Xiaobian has seen.

A warm story about a mother who knows that she has a terminal illness and a daughter who has been neglected because of her work for the rest of her life. It is not only the mother’s contribution to her daughter, but also the daughter’s unintentional I learned that my mother’s illness grew up overnight, and that Korean movies really did a great job in exquisite description.

6, “Waste Cardboard Boxer”

The film cruelly describes the life of the people at the bottom, the two big men who were heroes are being fooled by fate, and they are struggling with each other. With a diary as the sustenance of the soul, at the end of the film, a strong ink

7, “crocodile shoes go to the horizon”

Through the deep friendship between the two high-value Xiaozheng Tai, I appeal to everyone to pay attention to the AIDS community, and appeal to everyone not to look at the AIDS and anger of the AIDS people with the same gaze. The family and friendship of the film are very memorable and plot. Relax and relax overall, never deliberately sensational in order to earn tears

8, “Young and vigorous”

The two old comrades in order to regain the funny stories and feelings of youth, but they are thought-provoking. Aging is not terrible, the best time is always now, don’t leave your feelings, don’t leave your attitude, don’t leave your hobbies and beliefs;

Introduce the ten most popular foreign movies. Which one do you like?

9, “Call me in your name” a very romantic name, the love between the same sex;

The cheerful teenagers of the United States came to Italy to exchange, and the sons of the homeowners cherished each other. The feelings of the two men are really beautiful, both romantic and suspicion. The point of view is still in the end. When the American teenagers have to start their journey home, they don’t have the screams of most movies, just accepting this regret silently. After all, the feelings are unstoppable, they already know result.

10, “To meet you” man and dog Sansheng III Shili peach sadomasochism

The dog is happy to spend a lifetime with the actor, and after becoming a baby, he becomes another breed of dog, experiences different dog births and several other reincarnations, and finally returns to the actor. At this time, the male protagonist has already The young boy became a super uncle, and in the details of getting along, he recognized this is the warm heart of his former dog. The film is self-reported and very humorous.

Have time to go and have a good movie worth a lifetime!

Ten small foreign films, videos that will never let you down!

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Ten small foreign films, videos that will never let you down!

Recommend 10 small movies that can leave traces in your heart, and feel full of joy in your spare time;

Just a brief introduction, don’t want to be spoiled, but watching will never let you down! ! !

1,Iran’s classic movie “Children of Heaven” is also known as “Little Shoes”.

The film tells the story of a poor Iranian family’s simple family, and the last footage of his brother’s sneakers running for his sister’s sneakers is really touching;

Ten small foreign films, videos that will never let you down!

2, “Heidi and Grandpa”

The film is based on the Alps, the whole movie is really beautiful, and the grandfather’s transformation from the beginning to the inability to change his little granddaughter is really super cute;

3, “Flying over the madhouse” is the Oscar classic film, it is said that the source of “Xiao Shengke’s redemption” part of the inspiration is here;

The film tells about the numbness of people under the system of imprisonment, but when someone wants to break this old age, it is often the misunderstanding or even framed by others;

4, “Beautiful Life”, if you ask Xiaobian to read the most moving movies, this one can certainly be ranked;
Although the whole tone of the film is humorous, it also makes a huge contrast to the father’s unnecessary love, leaving tears in laughter. There is no doubt that this is a great comedy, with a comedy and a voice accusing the Nazis and concentration camps;

5,”Manchester by the Sea” is still the best original script for Oscar;

The film is slow and long, revealing a touch of sadness, and it is appropriate to appreciate at night, dreams and affection are all watching the film;

6, “Psychic Catcher” another classic Oscar;

The film tells a story of a genius math boy who was abandoned from childhood, with the help of psychologist Sean, no longer giving up, re-examining himself, a lot of tears in the film, a full and warm line, and thinking about himself from time to time. Film

7, “Happiness Terminal” Tom Hanks and Spielberg’s strong team;

The actor had to travel to New York for a particularly warm reason, but had to stay in the airport for nine months because of documents. During this period, he became a good friend of all the staff at the airport and even became a hero of the airport.

Ten small foreign films, videos that will never let you down!

8, “Intern” Xiaobian favorite Anne Hathaway’s movie;

Anne became a strong woman here, but the film’s male protagonist is the contractor of all the highlights, 70 years old, in order not to dementia to run to the fashion company to do interns, began to fall because of the development of the times, and later rely on Many years of work experience and noble character conquer everyone;

9, “Begin Again”

The young girl who loves music in New York meets the story of Bole in her life, the struggle between the two, and because of the music, the song is really nice;

10, “Me before You” based on the British hot serial novel adaptation

The male protagonist is the perfect person, but he suffered from a car accident, in order to end his disgusted self, applied for Swiss euthanasia, the heroine from the town is optimistic and simple, came to the actor’s home to accompany him, and hoped to use his own strength to let the male protagonist Give up on suicide.

I had alread moved to cry in the three most affectionate foreign movies!

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I had alread moved to cry in the three most affectionate foreign movies!

The latest movie – “You can get what you want, because there is a miracle!”

The film “The strange life of Timothy”

Cindy and Jim are a loving couple who have been married for many years but have no children. They tried their best, but they didn’t get anything. When they were about to give up, they wrote all the expectations for future children on the wishing bar, packed them in wooden boxes and buried them in the garden.

I had alread moved to cry in the three most affectionate foreign movies!

At night, after a downpour, a child with mud and legs on his legs, Timothy got into their bed…

The arrival of Timothy brought a lot of joy to the whole family. Cindy and Jim began to learn how to take care of their children, and Timothy also found the best friend, the beautiful girl Jonny. Timothy, accompanied by his parents, participated in the game and played the key goal. Also invented the environmentally friendly pencil, saved the factory that was on the verge of bankruptcy… sent away Uncle Bob, let the uncle sleep peacefully, and laughed and passed away.

In the end of the fall, Timothy was like a big tree, and the leaves on his legs gradually faded. He carefully collected every leaf and quietly gave it to those who loved him. On the last day of his departure, he helped his father to expose the conspiracy of the factory owner’s son in an attempt to seize the right to invent green pencils, so that Dad was respected by everyone…

The film is warm and tender, with a slightly magical color, and the parents’ love for their children is very cursed. This film is gradual, initially unremarkable, and the more developed it is, the more fascinating it is. Especially suitable for fans who are new to their parents.

The most popular movie – “I am obsessed with it, so I will not forget it, there will be a resounding”

At a station in London, the orphan Hugo, following the drunkard uncle, made a living by repairing the clock. Hugo was above the tall clock tower, watching the people coming and going at the station, but there was a secret inside him – he had to fix the robot left by his father. In order to repair the work, he steals the mechanical parts of the toy store owner and meets the boss’s adopted daughter Isabel.

With the help of Isabel, Hugo gathered the parts and found the key to unlock the robot, repaired the robot, and accidentally discovered that the robot was the owner of the toy store. What is even more surprising is that the toy store owner is actually the famous movie pioneer George Meri…

This is a story about lost and looking. Life has never been a wish, and the passion of being once passionate may disappear with the shackles of time and the cruelty of reality. Perhaps what you need is a fate, a voice that awakens the heart… Foreign films are artistic and dramatic, with 11 Oscar nominations, five of which are awarded.

I had alread moved to cry in the three most affectionate foreign movies!

Foreign movies – “Too rich, not forgotten, especially not to forget”

Foreign movies are based on a true story: the 5-year-old Indian boy, Salo, followed his brother to work at the train station, and his brother was unfortunately killed by a train. Salo couldn’t find his brother, and he was confused by a train and was taken to a distant strange land by the train. Salo began his wandering life, slept in the underground passage, was chased by the bad guys, and was almost trafficked by traffickers…

Finally, the Indian Children’s Almshouse took him in contact and contacted a couple in Australia for adoption. Twenty years have passed, and Salo has learned a lot, and more and more wants to find his loved ones. So, with childhood memories, clever brains and high-tech skills, he began his journey of finding a relative…

The film won 6 Oscar nominations, and the impeccable acting of the actor made the whole film look really moving and touching, especially the performance of the children’s actors. The show also shows the beautiful scenery and customs of India and Australia, which makes people feast their eyes.

Best Foreign Movies – Two Inner Worlds about Bear Children

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Best Foreign Movies - Two Inner Worlds about Bear Children

Foreign film – “No one cares about me, I hide myself.”

The film is adapted from the very famous children’s novel “Secret Garden” in the UK. The little girl Mary lived in India with her parents in the upper class. Because of her lack of parental love, her character was so isolated. In an earthquake, Mary became an orphan. The widower sent her to the British estate to raise her, and Mary became more lonely and lonely in a strange environment.

One day, led by the mysterious robin, she discovered the secret garden in the manor. The garden was abandoned for many years and no one was allowed to enter. Mary’s coward is also out of the ordinary, not seen. At night, Mary can often hear the cry of the child, and the servants are ignorant of it. Everything is very strange. Later, Mary met a little boy, Dickon, who likes to make friends with animals. They kept the secrets of the garden together and secretly cultivated here.

When a summer arrives, the garden is full of flowers, and the rose vines are like a fairyland. And when the garden slowly regained its vitality, the unknown mystery was finally solved one by one…

The film largely restored the plot in the novel, and at first it was foggy and curiosity. As the story progressed, one question gradually unraveled, and the protagonist became sympathetic and compassionate because of being close to nature. It is not so much a garden, it is better to say that this is the inner world of children.

There, it was initially desolate and closed, and then slowly regained its anger, eventually showing beauty and embracing the world. The play is also very instructive for parents: the power of nature, friendship and education can nourish the minds of children and revitalize their lives. What is more regrettable is that because the film was shot in the 1990s, the limitations of technology and equipment led to the lack of clarity and color. Otherwise, the grandeur of the garden must be amazing. I hope that the show will be remake as soon as possible.

Foreign film – “I go to school every day, I didn’t expect to run and become a champion.”

The story takes place in a poor family in Iran. The 9-year-old boy Ali is a very sensible child. Her mother has severe disc herniation and can’t do heavy work. Dad picks up a lot of life every day to make a living. There is also a sister and a baby waiting to be fed. The family rented in a small house and the life was very difficult.

When Ali bought a dish, he accidentally lost the shoes his sister took to repair. In order not to make Dad embarrassed, the brothers and sisters concealed it. Every day, my sister wore Ali’s shoes and went to the alley to change to Ali, and Ali went to class again. Because time is tight, Ali is often late. Also because of the rain, or the shoes fell into the drain, the brothers and sisters had to wear wet shoes.

Best Foreign Movies - Two Inner Worlds about Bear Children

Dad went to the city to give money to the rich as a gardener, but spent the accident to get the money he was going to buy for the children. Ali found that the city held a long-distance race, and the third place got a pair of sneakers. Ali decided to participate in the competition…

Foreign films pay attention to the life of a poor child with a kind of mournful and gentle eyes. The big boy’s hesitant and sensible eyes always contain tears. For his sister and family, he hides his grievances and sadness in his heart, which makes people feel bad. No. The younger sister is innocent and kind, even if she finds her own shoes, she is not willing to come back, just because the other father is a blind and poor person.

Although the father is stumped by poverty, he still believes in honesty and is not cheap. The family is so simple and kind. The scenes of the slums in the drama, the daily life of the poor, like the rural life in China more than a decade ago, are very real and kind, and people can’t help but think of their childhood. This is a simple and good story. There are many people who are in tears, but what remains in people’s hearts is still beautiful and warm.

In the movie, good children are always poor, but unfortunately more and more children are now. If you happen to be provoked by a bear child, I hope that after watching these movies, you can get rid of it. If you are tired of the indifference of adults, you can comfort yourself: they used to be children…

Two foreign films have revealed the beautiful side of life!

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Two foreign films have revealed the beautiful side of life!

When I am tired from work, I want to sit on the sofa and watch the movie, and I don’t want to watch the complicated adult drama. I don’t want to see the children’s drama. For the adult, it’s naive, so look for those simple and showable. A realistic drama of acting! These popular foreign movies you will like it!

Two foreign films have revealed the beautiful side of life!

The best foreign movie – “The rich life can’t stop my yearning for the countryside”

The story takes place in the beautiful Alps, where a lonely, reticent old man lives. One day, a little girl was brought to the old man by her aunt. This little girl is the granddaughter of the elderly, Heidi. Heidi’s parents died, but they were lively and kind. The grandfather who refused to adopt Heidi, and also under the infection of Heidi, gradually opened his heart and really loved this lovely granddaughter. Soon, Grandpa found a small companion to Heidi – Shepherd boy Pete. Pete brought Heidi up the mountain every day, and the fresh and beautiful natural scenery of the Alps attracted Heidi, which also gave birth to a deep friendship between Heidi and Pete.

However, the good times did not last long, Pete went to school, and Heidi was also deceived by aunt to a big city thousands of miles away, to accompany the disabled girl Crowla. Although the rich life is impeccable, Heidi deeply misses the life of his grandfather and the mountain. The grandfather in Dashan also cares about Heidi who doesn’t know where he is. Later, Heidi learned that she could no longer return to the Alps. Heidi began to become depressed, and even because of excessive thoughts, there were symptoms of night sleepwalking. Crowla’s father couldn’t bear to hurt such a lovely girl, so she sent her back to her grandfather.

The grandparents and grandchildren reunited again and were delighted. And Crowla was saddened by the departure of his dearest friend Heidi, and his body was getting worse every day. Finally, with the help of Grandma Clara, Crowla also came to the Heidi home. The splendid sunshine and fresh air of the Alps quickly restored the body of Crowla. Later, under the guidance of Pete and Heidi, Crowla gradually began to walk…

The film is exquisitely emotional, with a warm and ordinary little thing, step by step to depict the beautiful feelings before and after the person, without any deliberate but touching. The bright sunshine of the Alps, the flowers of the mountains and the vast clear sky, every frame is a rare landscape, which adds to the charm of this fairytale story. For fans who are tired of the superficiality of the magic film and the pursuit of value, “Heidi and Grandpa” is a good choice.

The best foreign movie – “I am bullied by the bad guys, but still believe in the world”

The film was adapted by the famous British writer Dickens’s novel of the same name. It tells the 19th century London, England, a kind of ornate orphan Oliver, who left the orphanage, wandered the streets, fell into the hands of the thief, struggled and eventually returned to the story of happiness.

The orphan Oliver was adopted by the church orphanage and engaged in heavy physical labor in exchange for food. Oliver decided to protest to the church on behalf of all the orphans because of the food, so he was annoyed and sold. The peasants who were sold to the chimney sweep were not sold and were sold to the coffin shop owner. The older boss of the boss, Oliver, bullied him all day, and insulted his mother, and the boss beat him. So he packed up his baggage and fled the place.

Along the way, I went to sleep on the road, almost starved to death, and finally to London. Unexpectedly, fell into the thief’s nest. Once, other thieves did not escape, and Oliver was mistakenly caught as a thief and sent to the police station. Here he met the benefactor Brown Brown, who was behind him. When Browne learned that he had married Oliver, he decided to adopt this poor child.

Two foreign films have revealed the beautiful side of life!

I thought I was going to live a happy life, but I was afraid that the thief would find a door and forcibly took away Oliver. Later they robbed Brown Robton and failed to prepare to kill Oliver. The kindly fellow Nancy was unsuccessful, so he went to the rich man to inform the rich, the rich man reported the case, and Nancy was brutally killed by the thief because he missed the news. The whole city wanted a thief, and one of the thieves, Sik, was hanged, and the thief’s head was also taken into prison. Oliver finally returned to the rich man and lived a happy life.

This foreign film is very realistic, from the restoration of the scene architecture, the careful selection of costume props, and the rich British accent, all perfectly show the 19th century foggy London style, which makes people feel like they are immersed in the movie. Oil painting-like tones and textures, but not boring and depressed, but have a unique sense of history.

The film’s portrayal of characters is also quite wonderful: good people are sentimental from the heart, and bad people seem to have some are forced by life, always lead to everyone’s thinking about human nature. In addition to being a children’s film, foreign film is also a social film, which writes about human suffering and makes good and evil. For fans who are pursuing the depth of foreign movies, I believe that they will not be disappointed after reading them.