The development of a web-series leads to...

While waiting for the financing stuff to clear up we gathered some of the conclusions from Happy Street. One major conclusion is that more than 85% of you the audience has been watching from a smartphone. For us who wants every frame and every bit of sound to be as perfect as possible, it hurts a bit. Of course, we our-selves watch series and even movies that way. But how can we ease this "meeting" between the content and the spectator? With that in mind we wanted to investigate new ways of experiencing moving pictures exclusively for the smartphone. 

Since a couple of weeks director Sadik Salem has been working with a music-clip that is only to be experienced on smartphones. Of course one can see it on his computer, but eventually you will see that it is supposed to be experienced on a phone. 

The music is written and performed by Andreas Lönnqvist who also composed the score for Happy Street. It's a tune called Beautiful Day, which has exclusively been produced by Darko. For all the EMD-fans, his name should have a "wow-factor". The rest of us will have to wait for the clip to understand! 

The research has been possible through support from The Region of Skåne.

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