Scientific labs producing Scandinavian Crime!

Out of a collaboration between the scientific labs of Lund University in Sweden, and Tiny Lumberjack Films, comes a crime-comedy-series called "Happy Street" 

About: What happens when a scientist make a discovery too good to be true...

It is the European Union funded Scientific labs of MAXIV, ESS and the medical development hub of Medicon Village who together with Science Village of Lund, and the city of Lund/The Brunnshög Project has financed a crime-comedy-series produced by Tiny Lumberjack Films. 

Behind Tiny Lumberjack Films is two film-makers, both with Oscar-nominations - Therese Ahlbeck & Marcus A Olsson - on their CVs, who looked for a new way to finance and to produce fictional content. 

This way we create a win-win-situation. The production company gets a chance to produce shorter content without the hard control you always find with pure commercial projects and the  financiers get a new way of show-casing their existence. 

We and our financiers find it much smarter to try and engage an audience with a proper story made up from basic facts that actually exists on this place. And with a very low cost as well. 

Is this a fruitful way of marketing? Well, comparing the costs we think it is without a doubt a smart way of reaching out. 

As the tag-line has it: "Are you ready for the future?"

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