PenChat distributing Happy Street

The platform decided to to distribute Happy Street. Penchat is an app which aims to cover both the Facebook-functions as well as those of Snapchat and Instagram. 

And without knowing anything about their audience the response has already been impressive for us. We are very surprised to see that the teaser already in 24h has made 30.000 views on youtube. 

To us the message is quite clear, platform + content = quantity. 

Next question is to see what can be done with this quantity. 


A totally honest box-office-report for Happy Street. 

This report is by no means meant to brag in any way. Rather what I am looking for is comments and thoughts from you who have interest in these matters. 

As some of you already are aware of we have released the show on several platforms. Facebook, Vimeo and Youtube. 

Our ways of distribution have been only our own fan-base. (which is 600 likers on Facebook) Therefore the numbers aren’t very impressive. Happy Street is - so far - not a new Gangnam Style-video rocketing to the sky. 

Our show is more drama than high-concept kick ass show à la ”King Fury”. Therefore we have not had any viral impact more than the fact that people interested in us, Tiny Lumberjack Film, or the main characters have chose to engage into this web-series. 

The impact is thus expected with a few exceptions. 

Numbers. We start with the dull part. 

In the summer we released a teaser which won a ”trailer-contest” on the US-site But apart from that it didn’t catch any wide interest at all. After 2 months it still had not been viewed more than 500 times on Youtube. Conclusion: those who did see it did not care to mention it to anybody.

Therefore we let a prodigy do a trailer and that changed things. You can watch the trailer here

Shortly before the premiere we chose to use Vimeo as the place from where we share the link. This because it looks a bit better with Vimeo compared to Youtube. And also as we did not expect numbers climbing towards 50.000 we don’t see the use with Youtube. And also, Youtube still make you feel like you are visiting Ullared (Swedish well known super low-price mall) They so want you to watch something else instead of the stuff you actually are trying to concentrate on.   

Our homepage has had ca 4000 visits since the premiere. 

The episodes have on Vimeo - since its’ premiere 4 weeks ago -started to play ca 4000 times. Someone said that we better be prepared to face numbers around 1000, so with that in mind we are pretty pleased so far. 

What we also did, that has lowered the home-page and Vimeo-numbers, is to release the whole episodes on Facebook. We noticed that many of our friends are on Facebook, and they prefer to not leave that ”eco-system”. So instead of clicking the link to Vimeo they skip it. So we chose to go where the viewers are. 

Therefore the numbers on Facebook are pretty good. 

With $200 on targeted facebook-ads the episodes have reached 280.000 people where as any of the episodes have started to play more than 90.000 times. 

We start to see followers coming from all over the world. Especially in places where English is the common language. 

To be continued…