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“24 Hours To Live” recommended chinese Film !

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"24 Hours To Live" recommended chinese Film !

Xu Qing, a well-known actress in mainland China, was born in Beijing in 1969. Debut in 1990, the first Chinese film was Chen Kaige’s work. Later, he cooperated with Ge You and Jiang Wen. In 2001, I shot “Swordsman”, everyone also knows Xu Qing in Ren Yingying in “Swordsman”, and Xu Qing of that meeting is really beautiful. With this drama, she also has herself in the entertainment industry. A place for you.”24 Hours To Live” recommended chinese Film !

"24 Hours To Live" recommended chinese Film !

Xu Qing’s acting skills needless to say, it’s a rare actress and beauty actress who lives in the entertainment circle. Xu Qing is called the first beauty because of two sweet and deep dimples. The career is very successful, but in the business, Xu Qing is very successful. Feelings are more sad. When you are young, there is no shortage of people to pursue. It may be because you have a high vision. There has not been much progress. Now, at the age of 49, you are still alone. You can’t help but feel sorry.

However, there have been reports that Xu Qing has had four love affair, but only the only affair is Xu Qing admitted.

In 1997, Xu Qing met Liu Bo at a party. Although Xu Qing was not very familiar with Liu Bo, the temperament of Liu Bo’s poet attracted Xu Qing. It is said that Liu Bo is a rare genius. At the age of 14, he was admitted to the Chinese Department of Wuhan University. At the age of 15, he published two personal poems. After graduating from university, he entered the Hunan Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute and obtained a master’s degree. Then he was admitted to Peking University philosophy. The Ph.D. student of the department studied with Mr. Ji Xianlin to learn Eastern philosophy.

The two young men and women are attracted to each other and appreciate each other, and naturally they love each other without any scruples. However, Liu Bo is already married and has a daughter. Later, after Liu Bo and his wife divorced, they came together with Xu Qing. Unfortunately, the last two are still separated.

Xu Qing said that the reason for leaving a man is very simple: when the other party is no longer charismatic. For example, when the other party reveals the “little man” side, once she sees this side, she can no longer produce love anyway. Xu Qing is going to be the purest thing. She will give the other party the purest. She wants to be in love every day like the first day. One day they are tired. When they are put down, they will be gone.

Feelings are not expected, so Xu Qing is also fully engaged in work and began to contact different types of foreign films.

Just in the old cannon in 2016, Xu Qing appeared on a large scale. Among them, a piece of passion for Feng Xiaogang and Xu Qing was also exposed on the Internet.

The netizen shouted flowers in the cow dung!”24 Hours To Live” recommended chinese Film !

In the recent photo of Xu Qing’s movie “24 Hours: Rebirth of the End”, Xu Qing and the male god Ethan Hawke hugged each other, wrapped their blankets with each other’s body stills, and also made many people to Xu Qing and Ethan. · Hawke, the two goddess of the goddess of the goddess level praise.

Many netizens said: I always feel that Xu Qing is getting older and more open, and will play more than young people!”24 Hours To Live” recommended chinese Film !

I know that intimate drama is actually a big test for actresses. First of all, we must overcome some psychological fears. Secondly, we must integrate into real emotions. This is definitely a technical activity. It can be seen that Xu Qing is indeed very There is professionalism, and acting does not really have to say that it can’t be given in the entertainment circle for so many years.

Eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese film!

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Eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese cinema!

The world is big, no wonder, in the film industry, you must have this feeling. Do you think that there are one or two films that you think are very good, but others just don’t know?

Congratulations, you have chosen an unpopular movie, you have your own taste. I often talk about popular movies, shots, and clips. Today I recommend eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese film! Take a look!

These are foreign films for you and the most popular movies I like, share them with you here!

Eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese cinema!

NO.8 “The Yangtze River Map”

This film is the only Chinese film in the 66th Berlin Film Festival. The film is different from Jia Zhangke’s depiction of the Yangtze River’s new realism “Three Gorges Good Man”. The story of director Yang Chao has a surreal, magical story core, man and Women are in different time and space. This is an art epic film that combines Eastern context, aesthetic expression and values.

NO.7 “killing”

In terms of the sense of pleasure brought by the perception, the Sichuan audience should be the most happy group of people in the national audience. The whole Sichuanese language runs through to the end. The “turtle son” “plays together”, “melon goods” and “miaoqi” When the dialects are all over the place, they are directed at this point, and they should “pick up” for this movie! What’s more, this is indeed a good movie that can bring you some thoughts. Golden Horse Shadow Huang Huang once again challenged himself and offered a good performance. At the same time, Liang Jing and Wang Xun also broke through themselves and contributed a wonderful performance. The ridiculous fables of troubled times.

NO.6 “Ocean Paradise”

This film should be regarded as the most sincere film of Chinese-language films in the first half of 2010. In the film, there are Li Lianjie and the article joining, which really increased the attention of this film. Through a trivial little thing, the film makes the ordinary and great fatherly love, like a trickle, break into the depths of the audience. Until the end, my father died of illness, the article played the autistic son, learning the father’s life to teach a little bit and began to live alone, the whole film’s emotions reached a climax, many viewers could not help but burst into tears.

NO.5 “Master”

I have seen the best action dramas in recent years. This movie gives me the most profound feeling, that is, the kind of rivers and lakes that run through during the period. Different from the cool routines commonly used in action movies in recent years, the fighting action of the whole movie is crisp and neat. Although the action is fast, it makes people see clearly and clearly, and there is a knife-to-meat feeling. The plot is not complicated. Winning the actor is too good, just say that these two women, Song Jia’s fascinating and charming, Jiang Wenli’s skillful and powerful, are very worth seeing.

NO.4 “Three Gorges Good Man”

This film tells the story of the little people at the bottom. Although the subject is dull, many surrealist scenes, such as dancing ballroom dancing on the dam site and ascending the buildings like rockets, attract the audience. A laugh. In the context of the chaotic relocation, the film gradually brought out the underlying ecology of China under the baptism of modern civilization and their respective persistent emotions and values. The whole film is similar to a documentary in a realistic style. Occasionally, there are several surreal “heterogeneous”, which will also make some viewers puzzled.

NO.3 “Detective”

This is one of the peaks of Johnnie To in 2007, personally. The film story is colorful, every detail can withstand scrutiny, and the plot is almost invulnerable, and the plot is quite effective. The last shot of the film was dazzling. Every time An Zhijie changed the pistol, it represented how he would arrange the scene of the death. The dark theme of the film was sublimated at this time.

Eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese cinema!

NO.2 “Dan Arrows Wear Heart”

This is a movie that can be understood by people with family. Looking at other people’s evaluations, one sentence says the essence of this movie: they are all right, just not suitable. The heroine is an extremely secular woman, she cares about it, likes to bargain, warm-hearted, and tempered. She can support a family with her own strength, but at the same time her control is too strong, control her husband, control her children. When she loses control, she would rather destroy everything and not compromise. Eventually created her tragic life.

NO.1 Eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese film! Heart Labyrinth 8.7

A very low-cost movie, a film that I don’t know from the director to all the actors. Imagine the first filmmaker, a production cost of only 1.7 million, no movie of any star, how to get everyone’s favor and praise?

Only the story can be realized in this almost fairy tale. This movie gives me the biggest feeling, it is real. I even believe that today, in a similar village or town, the story told in the movie. The whole film’s portrayal of humanity is vivid and accurate, and may be the choice of most of us.

Eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese film! I highly recommend you to check out these Chinese movies because I think they are great! So I recommend it to you.

Eight domestic films, each of which is the pinnacle of Chinese film! I highly recommend you to check out these Chinese movies because I think they are great! So I recommend it to you.

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How about Chinese movies? Take you into the history of Chinese cinema

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How about Chinese movies? Take you into the history of Chinese cinema

This article tells you about Chinese movies! Friends who like Chinese movies welcome you to communicate! The most popular movie are often popular and impressive! Someone asked: How about Chinese movies? Take you into the history of Chinese cinema.

The development of Chinese film history is quite special. Here we only talk about the film after the founding of the People’s Republic. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the films were idealistic at the beginning. The protagonists are tall, stalwart, perfect, and pure, and the three generations of poor farmers are not only glorious. A national hero who wants to scream before he dies.

How about Chinese movies? Take you into the history of Chinese cinema

This period lasted for a particularly long time until the end of the Cultural Revolution. At this time, there were some non-idealistic filmmakers who began to give the film some romantic tones, but they were all cautious and cautious. The characters are small people, some of the counter-revolutionaries who were defeated before, mainly some young artists. How about Chinese movies? Take you into the history of Chinese cinema.

For example, “Wrangler”, “Small Street” and “Lushan Love”, etc., filmmakers began to treat scars to Chinese literary and artisans, this is scar literature and scar film. Later, the film began to express the romanticism of the little people in the real life, like “Our Centennial”, “Xiyingmen”, and so on. Of course, in which the idealistic film did not completely disappear, then the “garland under the mountain” was also taken, but the film was already shooting those imperfect heroes, such as the deputy company commander who broke open in the war. The discipline of the army, but his image is still praised.

After the reform and opening up, Hong Kong’s martial arts films began to be shown in China. This has changed and inspired the movie taste of the mainland audience. What is more intense than romanticism in martial arts movies? The invasion of Hong Kong movies has brought Chinese films into a new era. This is a romantic era, but this is not done by Chinese filmmakers, so a kind of resistance will follow.

Wu Tianming, a Chinese film director still carrying great ambitions, suddenly and incredibly photographed two realist films that are also extraordinary in the history of world cinema. One is “Old Well” and the other is “Life”. The reality in the two films is cruel, calm, straight, and unspeakable.

How about Chinese movies? Take you into the history of Chinese cinema

The realist aesthetic tastes of the Chinese people are refreshing, and the international filmmakers are also eye-catching. Among them, “Old Well” became the first Chinese film in New China to win an international award. Using these two Chinese films to compare realism in modern movies, you will find that the realistic techniques in modern movies are extremely exaggerated and superficial. That is because Director Wu also preserves the conscience and seriousness of a film artist. This is what modern directors lack (if there are also modern people, the freedom of speech is misused).

How about Chinese movies? Take you into the history of Chinese cinema. It can be said that it is these two Chinese films that have established realism aesthetics in Chinese films. After this, the movie “Yellow Land” was produced. And this film has a huge impact on Chinese movies. It has changed the direction of the development of Chinese cinema. This can be said from the following four directors. They are Chen Kaige, Zhang Yimou, Jiang Wen and Jia Yuke.For you, Chinese movies are foreign films, thank you for your continued support!

The most popular movie – are you sure you don’t want to watch such a classic Chinese movie?

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The most popular movie - are you sure you don't want to watch such a classic Chinese movie?

New Express News: “I am not a drug god” premiere! ! !

Reporter Liang Xiaowen reports: The film “I am not a Medicine God” starring and starring Ning Hao and Xu Wei held the world premiere in Beijing the night before. Ning Hao, Xu Wei and Wen Muye took the lead in the performances of Zhou Wei, Wang Chuanjun and Tan Zhuo. Huang Xiaoming and Liu Xiaoqing also appeared in the movie. In the interview, Xu Wei thanked Ning Hao for always giving him a particularly good role. Liu Xiaoqing also said that “there has been no such classic Chinese movie for a long time.”

The most popular movie - are you sure you don't want to watch such a classic Chinese movie?

“I am not a drug god” is a heavy work that Ning Hao and Xu Wei have teamed up with each other and re-entered the summer file after 12 years. The film tells the story of Cheng Yong, the owner of the oil store, from a vendor who can’t afford the rent, and became the exclusive agent of the Indian generic “Gleining”, adding profound practical significance to the tone of joy and humor. The film recently opened the national advanced point of view, and scored 9.7 points on the ticketing platform. It scored the highest score in the domestic film with “War Wolf 2”. The two-day cumulative box office exceeded 55 million. At the premiere, Lu Yong, the prototype character in the film story, appeared and shared the status quo of the patients who are gradually improving.

Xu Wei, who is the main performer and producer, said frankly that the small kindness of humanity in the film is getting bigger and bigger. This kind of compassion is enough to touch all people. Through the story, we can see the development of the whole era and the country. Xu Wei also praised the director of Wen Muye as a newcomer. It was not easy to infiltrate the big love for the first time.

The most popular movie - are you sure you don't want to watch such a classic Chinese movie?

Huang Xiaoming, the guest who came to watch the movie that day, said with emotion that “the performance is good, the director is good, and the creation is good.” “The Chinese realist film is very well done. As a filmmaker, even if I didn’t participate in the film, I feel that I am very proud. I am very touched and really proud of you.” Guest Liu Xiaoqing also admitted that he personally experienced and witnessed the birth of some classic movies. He has not seen such works for a long time. “Congratulations, I see you today. Especially wonderful, really, there is no such classic Chinese movie for a long time, thank you.” “I am not a drug god” will be released on July 6 with IMAX, China Giant Screen and other formats.

As the Best Foreign Films, I recommend everyone to watch it, and it will definitely be rewarded! It is not just a Popular Foreign Films, it is also the same in China.

Introduce the ten most popular foreign movies. Which one do you like?

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Introduce the ten most popular foreign movies. Which one do you like?

1, “Time and Space Lovers” is a very touching film

The film begins with love, adds a lot of brain holes, and the result is too late to prevent you from giving a big blow. The original film really wants to tell the family, let people understand the meaning of death and courageously face it, while cherishing all and treating others well;

2, “The Mistakes in Stars” is adapted according to the novel

Two young people with serious illness gradually came together, cherished each other, and the dialogue was truly touching. The whole film focused on expressing the confrontation between the heroine and the disease, and the actor’s encouragement to her. However, the ending was unpredictable and earned enough audience. Tears

Introduce the ten most popular foreign movies. Which one do you like?

3, “Fox and Children” another perspective to interpret people and nature

The occasional encounter makes the little girl and the little fox become intimate friends. However, this film portrays the inferiority of the person, that is, possessiveness, the little fox does not understand the way the little girl loves herself, and even flees the small ” Family”. Love is to give her freedom.

4, “Bella’s Fantasy Garden” super cure a film

Telling a funny story of a reluctant grandfather and neighbor Bella and a young chef who both help each other and help each other, and create a beautiful garden to materialize happiness.

5, “Wedding” is the most moving Korean movie that Xiaobian has seen.

A warm story about a mother who knows that she has a terminal illness and a daughter who has been neglected because of her work for the rest of her life. It is not only the mother’s contribution to her daughter, but also the daughter’s unintentional I learned that my mother’s illness grew up overnight, and that Korean movies really did a great job in exquisite description.

6, “Waste Cardboard Boxer”

The film cruelly describes the life of the people at the bottom, the two big men who were heroes are being fooled by fate, and they are struggling with each other. With a diary as the sustenance of the soul, at the end of the film, a strong ink

7, “crocodile shoes go to the horizon”

Through the deep friendship between the two high-value Xiaozheng Tai, I appeal to everyone to pay attention to the AIDS community, and appeal to everyone not to look at the AIDS and anger of the AIDS people with the same gaze. The family and friendship of the film are very memorable and plot. Relax and relax overall, never deliberately sensational in order to earn tears

8, “Young and vigorous”

The two old comrades in order to regain the funny stories and feelings of youth, but they are thought-provoking. Aging is not terrible, the best time is always now, don’t leave your feelings, don’t leave your attitude, don’t leave your hobbies and beliefs;

Introduce the ten most popular foreign movies. Which one do you like?

9, “Call me in your name” a very romantic name, the love between the same sex;

The cheerful teenagers of the United States came to Italy to exchange, and the sons of the homeowners cherished each other. The feelings of the two men are really beautiful, both romantic and suspicion. The point of view is still in the end. When the American teenagers have to start their journey home, they don’t have the screams of most movies, just accepting this regret silently. After all, the feelings are unstoppable, they already know result.

10, “To meet you” man and dog Sansheng III Shili peach sadomasochism

The dog is happy to spend a lifetime with the actor, and after becoming a baby, he becomes another breed of dog, experiences different dog births and several other reincarnations, and finally returns to the actor. At this time, the male protagonist has already The young boy became a super uncle, and in the details of getting along, he recognized this is the warm heart of his former dog. The film is self-reported and very humorous.

Have time to go and have a good movie worth a lifetime!