I had alread moved to cry in the three most affectionate foreign movies!

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I had alread moved to cry in the three most affectionate foreign movies!

The latest movie – “You can get what you want, because there is a miracle!”

The film “The strange life of Timothy”

Cindy and Jim are a loving couple who have been married for many years but have no children. They tried their best, but they didn’t get anything. When they were about to give up, they wrote all the expectations for future children on the wishing bar, packed them in wooden boxes and buried them in the garden.

I had alread moved to cry in the three most affectionate foreign movies!

At night, after a downpour, a child with mud and legs on his legs, Timothy got into their bed…

The arrival of Timothy brought a lot of joy to the whole family. Cindy and Jim began to learn how to take care of their children, and Timothy also found the best friend, the beautiful girl Jonny. Timothy, accompanied by his parents, participated in the game and played the key goal. Also invented the environmentally friendly pencil, saved the factory that was on the verge of bankruptcy… sent away Uncle Bob, let the uncle sleep peacefully, and laughed and passed away.

In the end of the fall, Timothy was like a big tree, and the leaves on his legs gradually faded. He carefully collected every leaf and quietly gave it to those who loved him. On the last day of his departure, he helped his father to expose the conspiracy of the factory owner’s son in an attempt to seize the right to invent green pencils, so that Dad was respected by everyone…

The film is warm and tender, with a slightly magical color, and the parents’ love for their children is very cursed. This film is gradual, initially unremarkable, and the more developed it is, the more fascinating it is. Especially suitable for fans who are new to their parents.

The most popular movie – “I am obsessed with it, so I will not forget it, there will be a resounding”

At a station in London, the orphan Hugo, following the drunkard uncle, made a living by repairing the clock. Hugo was above the tall clock tower, watching the people coming and going at the station, but there was a secret inside him – he had to fix the robot left by his father. In order to repair the work, he steals the mechanical parts of the toy store owner and meets the boss’s adopted daughter Isabel.

With the help of Isabel, Hugo gathered the parts and found the key to unlock the robot, repaired the robot, and accidentally discovered that the robot was the owner of the toy store. What is even more surprising is that the toy store owner is actually the famous movie pioneer George Meri…

This is a story about lost and looking. Life has never been a wish, and the passion of being once passionate may disappear with the shackles of time and the cruelty of reality. Perhaps what you need is a fate, a voice that awakens the heart… Foreign films are artistic and dramatic, with 11 Oscar nominations, five of which are awarded.

I had alread moved to cry in the three most affectionate foreign movies!

Foreign movies – “Too rich, not forgotten, especially not to forget”

Foreign movies are based on a true story: the 5-year-old Indian boy, Salo, followed his brother to work at the train station, and his brother was unfortunately killed by a train. Salo couldn’t find his brother, and he was confused by a train and was taken to a distant strange land by the train. Salo began his wandering life, slept in the underground passage, was chased by the bad guys, and was almost trafficked by traffickers…

Finally, the Indian Children’s Almshouse took him in contact and contacted a couple in Australia for adoption. Twenty years have passed, and Salo has learned a lot, and more and more wants to find his loved ones. So, with childhood memories, clever brains and high-tech skills, he began his journey of finding a relative…

The film won 6 Oscar nominations, and the impeccable acting of the actor made the whole film look really moving and touching, especially the performance of the children’s actors. The show also shows the beautiful scenery and customs of India and Australia, which makes people feast their eyes.

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