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“24 Hours To Live” recommended chinese Film !

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"24 Hours To Live" recommended chinese Film !

Xu Qing, a well-known actress in mainland China, was born in Beijing in 1969. Debut in 1990, the first Chinese film was Chen Kaige’s work. Later, he cooperated with Ge You and Jiang Wen. In 2001, I shot “Swordsman”, everyone also knows Xu Qing in Ren Yingying in “Swordsman”, and Xu Qing of that meeting is really beautiful. With this drama, she also has herself in the entertainment industry. A place for you.”24 Hours To Live” recommended chinese Film !

"24 Hours To Live" recommended chinese Film !

Xu Qing’s acting skills needless to say, it’s a rare actress and beauty actress who lives in the entertainment circle. Xu Qing is called the first beauty because of two sweet and deep dimples. The career is very successful, but in the business, Xu Qing is very successful. Feelings are more sad. When you are young, there is no shortage of people to pursue. It may be because you have a high vision. There has not been much progress. Now, at the age of 49, you are still alone. You can’t help but feel sorry.

However, there have been reports that Xu Qing has had four love affair, but only the only affair is Xu Qing admitted.

In 1997, Xu Qing met Liu Bo at a party. Although Xu Qing was not very familiar with Liu Bo, the temperament of Liu Bo’s poet attracted Xu Qing. It is said that Liu Bo is a rare genius. At the age of 14, he was admitted to the Chinese Department of Wuhan University. At the age of 15, he published two personal poems. After graduating from university, he entered the Hunan Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute and obtained a master’s degree. Then he was admitted to Peking University philosophy. The Ph.D. student of the department studied with Mr. Ji Xianlin to learn Eastern philosophy.

The two young men and women are attracted to each other and appreciate each other, and naturally they love each other without any scruples. However, Liu Bo is already married and has a daughter. Later, after Liu Bo and his wife divorced, they came together with Xu Qing. Unfortunately, the last two are still separated.

Xu Qing said that the reason for leaving a man is very simple: when the other party is no longer charismatic. For example, when the other party reveals the “little man” side, once she sees this side, she can no longer produce love anyway. Xu Qing is going to be the purest thing. She will give the other party the purest. She wants to be in love every day like the first day. One day they are tired. When they are put down, they will be gone.

Feelings are not expected, so Xu Qing is also fully engaged in work and began to contact different types of foreign films.

Just in the old cannon in 2016, Xu Qing appeared on a large scale. Among them, a piece of passion for Feng Xiaogang and Xu Qing was also exposed on the Internet.

The netizen shouted flowers in the cow dung!”24 Hours To Live” recommended chinese Film !

In the recent photo of Xu Qing’s movie “24 Hours: Rebirth of the End”, Xu Qing and the male god Ethan Hawke hugged each other, wrapped their blankets with each other’s body stills, and also made many people to Xu Qing and Ethan. · Hawke, the two goddess of the goddess of the goddess level praise.

Many netizens said: I always feel that Xu Qing is getting older and more open, and will play more than young people!”24 Hours To Live” recommended chinese Film !

I know that intimate drama is actually a big test for actresses. First of all, we must overcome some psychological fears. Secondly, we must integrate into real emotions. This is definitely a technical activity. It can be seen that Xu Qing is indeed very There is professionalism, and acting does not really have to say that it can’t be given in the entertainment circle for so many years.