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The latest movie about racing is very classic and recommended to watch!

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The latest movie about racing is very classic and recommended to watch!

The most popular foreign films, “The Legend of Racing”, is currently the first fashion action drama in China. The film gathers Hong Kong and Taiwan, the mainland’s top production team, around the competitive theme of competitive racing, love and friendship, with a strong cast of Dou Yu, Xin Xin, Zhang Yining, Zhang Xiwei, Wang Baijie, Zeng Zhiwei, He Gang, etc. Putting on the professional racer’s competition, the details of life and their unique attitude towards life, let the audience understand the glory of the racer and the contribution behind this glory, and for the first time on the top 100 racing cars worth nearly one billion Will be the most dazzling element of the film.

The latest movie about racing is very classic and recommended to watch!

Red Racing The movie released on January 20, 2009, formerly known as “Crazy Racing”, alias “Red Racing”. Directed by Ning Hao and screenwriter. Starring is Huang Wei, Jiu Kong, Yu Xiang, Xu Wei and so on.

“Speed ​​Angel” tells the story of a group of fashionable and maverick urban girls. From speed to kung fu, it perfectly shows the urban girl’s fever project – racing, extreme sports and other extraordinary performances in real life and fantasy world. The fusion of a series of competitive and inspirational stories is a collection of modern racing and extreme sports, and the first Asia-Pacific girl action film led by a racing car.

The most popular movie – “Illegal Racing for the Heroes of the Road”

Zhang Zhilin, Li Lizhen, Huang Qiusheng starring in a movie. The master of the story, Zhao Zhichong, won the beloved woman through the car, and lost the relatives and friends because of the car. Finally, he was forced to end the grudge by racing. The film mainly uses the car to highlight all kinds of grievances. There are not many highlights on the car’s movements. The last part of the car is still a big hit.

The latest movie – the legend of the car god

This is a racing movie starring Wang Wei, the popular king at the time. Wang Jie finally filmed a film about the car. The origin of the motorcycle and Wang Jie must not be said that everyone will know. Wang Jie, who is riding in the car, feels a kind of domineering, and more valuable is that he The performance of the car god when giving up the car because of the death of the lover is also in place. Is it because of some feelings? In any case, Wang Jie’s performance in this movie is still remarkable. Wang Jie’s film work worthy of collection

Latest movie – car god

It is also a classic racing movie with stars. Ren Dahua’s acting is indeed admirable, and the scene of the bus ride is also enjoyable. However, every time I saw the 3XV pressure at the beginning of Ren Dahua’s pressure, I felt that it would be more exaggerated to press the pressure so that it would not be squeezed out, and there would be no lifts. . . . But in general, this is still a very good movie.

Latest movie – Flying family

The film tells the story of an old acrobatic artist with the title of “Speeding King” who is going to let his daughters inherit their own clothes, carry forward their own flying stunt skills, and present to the eleventh with the extremely difficult speed program “Swallows Exploring the Sea”. The second daughter, Hongbao, was duty-bound to shoulder the heavy responsibility. However, due to her busy practice of stunts and innocent care of the family, she could not get the understanding of her husband. As a result, her mood was depressed and she fell into disrepair. Her husband learned that she regretted it. At the ceremony, the little daughter took over her sister. Under the strict training of her sister, the flying stunt finally achieved great success in the eleventh ceremony.

The latest movie about racing is very classic and recommended to watch!

The film was filmed on the basis of real deeds and caused a lot of sensation at the time. It is a very real, close to life racing movie.

Alang’s story

This film is not a pure racing movie, but it is not isolated from the car. For many fans, “Alang’s Story” is full of emotions. Alang finally participated in the car race and eventually lost his life, letting people shed tears. In many fans, “A Lang’s Story” is an insurmountable classic.

Latest Movies – Speed ​​Legend

Leading by Liu Weiqiang, the famous actors actor Ke Shouliang, Cecilia Cheung and Zheng Yijian jointly created the action blockbuster. The film is mainly about describing the speed of arrogance and arrogance, and has not been influenced by parents to do business. Instead, he drives his beloved ride to pursue speed and stimulating life. In addition to the attraction of many big-name stars, the biggest selling point of “Shen” is of course the scene of the car, and the coolest addition to Zheng Yijian is the two sports cars that many young people are dreaming of – Evo.V and Impreza.