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Best Foreign Movies – The First Part of

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Best Foreign Movies - The First Part of

Introduce a foreign films today.


Dom Cobb is a thief who is good at sneak thieves. He specifically sneaked into the consciousness of the target characters to steal confidential information when they were weakest in their sleep state. Dom’s talent skills have made him a coveted partner in business espionage, but at the same time it has turned him into an international fugitive who has lost his love.

At this time, Cobb accepted a new task, this is his chance to redeem, but he has to do the most impossible state of subconscious crime: the idea of submerging. Cobb and his partners did not plan the perfect theft as they did in the past. Instead, they sneaked into the deepest subconscious of the target person and implanted an idea. If they succeed, it will be an unprecedented crime. However, even if they carefully plan every step of the action, there is a mysterious enemy in the murderous murder of this mission, which seems to be able to predict every step of their plan…

Best Foreign Movies - The First Part of <Inception>

And this mysterious person, only Cobb can sense its existence…

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The film is like “The Matrix” plus the “New York Metaphor”. Anti-physics discussions, exciting action scenes, impactful emotions, and Leonardo’s amazing performances are addictive. No, this is a brand new field of Nolan movies. –“empire”

“Foundation” is a very clever film, rich in details, intricate narratives, bringing people into a labyrinth of subconsciousness.This is a most popular movie, I believe you will like it, the introduction is still not finished… www.happystreetwebseries.com.