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Introduce the ten most popular foreign movies. Which one do you like?

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Introduce the ten most popular foreign movies. Which one do you like?

1, “Time and Space Lovers” is a very touching film

The film begins with love, adds a lot of brain holes, and the result is too late to prevent you from giving a big blow. The original film really wants to tell the family, let people understand the meaning of death and courageously face it, while cherishing all and treating others well;

2, “The Mistakes in Stars” is adapted according to the novel

Two young people with serious illness gradually came together, cherished each other, and the dialogue was truly touching. The whole film focused on expressing the confrontation between the heroine and the disease, and the actor’s encouragement to her. However, the ending was unpredictable and earned enough audience. Tears

Introduce the ten most popular foreign movies. Which one do you like?

3, “Fox and Children” another perspective to interpret people and nature

The occasional encounter makes the little girl and the little fox become intimate friends. However, this film portrays the inferiority of the person, that is, possessiveness, the little fox does not understand the way the little girl loves herself, and even flees the small ” Family”. Love is to give her freedom.

4, “Bella’s Fantasy Garden” super cure a film

Telling a funny story of a reluctant grandfather and neighbor Bella and a young chef who both help each other and help each other, and create a beautiful garden to materialize happiness.

5, “Wedding” is the most moving Korean movie that Xiaobian has seen.

A warm story about a mother who knows that she has a terminal illness and a daughter who has been neglected because of her work for the rest of her life. It is not only the mother’s contribution to her daughter, but also the daughter’s unintentional I learned that my mother’s illness grew up overnight, and that Korean movies really did a great job in exquisite description.

6, “Waste Cardboard Boxer”

The film cruelly describes the life of the people at the bottom, the two big men who were heroes are being fooled by fate, and they are struggling with each other. With a diary as the sustenance of the soul, at the end of the film, a strong ink

7, “crocodile shoes go to the horizon”

Through the deep friendship between the two high-value Xiaozheng Tai, I appeal to everyone to pay attention to the AIDS community, and appeal to everyone not to look at the AIDS and anger of the AIDS people with the same gaze. The family and friendship of the film are very memorable and plot. Relax and relax overall, never deliberately sensational in order to earn tears

8, “Young and vigorous”

The two old comrades in order to regain the funny stories and feelings of youth, but they are thought-provoking. Aging is not terrible, the best time is always now, don’t leave your feelings, don’t leave your attitude, don’t leave your hobbies and beliefs;

Introduce the ten most popular foreign movies. Which one do you like?

9, “Call me in your name” a very romantic name, the love between the same sex;

The cheerful teenagers of the United States came to Italy to exchange, and the sons of the homeowners cherished each other. The feelings of the two men are really beautiful, both romantic and suspicion. The point of view is still in the end. When the American teenagers have to start their journey home, they don’t have the screams of most movies, just accepting this regret silently. After all, the feelings are unstoppable, they already know result.

10, “To meet you” man and dog Sansheng III Shili peach sadomasochism

The dog is happy to spend a lifetime with the actor, and after becoming a baby, he becomes another breed of dog, experiences different dog births and several other reincarnations, and finally returns to the actor. At this time, the male protagonist has already The young boy became a super uncle, and in the details of getting along, he recognized this is the warm heart of his former dog. The film is self-reported and very humorous.

Have time to go and have a good movie worth a lifetime!