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The most popular movies reflect the tastes of contemporary people!

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The most popular movies reflect the tastes of contemporary people!

It’s like wearing pants. When people are tired of wearing tight pants, they want to wear bell-bottoms. They wear greasy pants and want to wear straight pants. When the straight pants are popular, people suddenly find that it is in the ground. Retro. At this time, you will find that the most popular movies reflect the tastes of contemporary people!

When some obsessive or stubborn people suddenly realize that their tastes are changing, the world will become diversified, and people’s tastes may also follow the laws of thermodynamics, and the interesting things will increase irreversibly.

The most popular movies reflect the tastes of contemporary people!

Until people like everything or don’t like anything, they feel inexplicably indifferent to anything. By then, the whole world will become boring.

Art history is also like comparing idealism to tights, comparing romanticism to bell-bottoms, and comparing realism to straight pants.

Then the artistic taste of people always changes between idealism and romanticism and realism until diversification appears. Then, all the art is gradually typed into industrial products.

As a literary novel, it is a consumer novel, and as a movie, it is a commercial type film.

The history of literature is such that since the revival of literature, literature has been the revival of classical idealistic aesthetics. The creation of the work is not a hero, but an emperor, not a martyrdom, or a saint prophet.

Then there was romanticity, which started with Hugo’s Cromwell, but the exaggeration, freedom and madness of Hugo’s romanticism, and the praise of beauty and power, ended up like a fat man Can’t eat anymore.

So realist works came into being. This is Balzac and Flaubert Mobsang, and they went out to Zola.

Zola’s natural art is rigid experimental scientism, an art that wants to kill art. Later, the post-modernity of literature emerged.

What is postmodernism? Postmodernism is the literary pluralism that people have finally produced from the reflection on “what is literature.”

The most popular movies reflect the tastes of contemporary people! The history of film is a little different:

First, the film was realistic at the beginning of its birth, because he could only use the documentary as its starting point.

Second, the development of film and the development of literature interact, and it draws lessons from literature and learns lessons.

In this way, it is much faster than literature in the transformation of aesthetic taste. For literature, it takes a cycle of hundreds of years. For movies, it only takes decades (it takes only ten years for a filmmaker).

This a little look at the history of film shows that from the silent era, the surrealism, symbolism, aestheticism, and expressionism of those dazzling film genres are fast and fast. It’s amazing.

Finally, it finally stopped on the right track of Italian neo-realism. This aspect has appeared with France, a great film aesthetic critic Bazin.

His thoughts come from Sartre, and Sa is a close-up of “What is literature?” “, he also wrote a book, “What is a movie? 》.

It is also related to the continuous introspection of film artists and constantly reflecting on the relationship between film as an art. But the film did not stop after realism.

From the neo-realism of Italy and the new wave of French generated by it, people’s understanding of film is getting deeper and deeper, the technology of film is becoming more and more mature, and some artists with deep and dark art are joining the ranks of filmmakers and become a generation. Movie master.

The most popular movies reflect the tastes of contemporary people!

They began to give poetic color to the realism of the film. They promoted or sang the reality in the film. This is the semi-ideal and semi-romantic color in the film.

Like Bergman, he gave the film a religious atmosphere, and he traced the teachings in the film. He uncovered the sacred veil of humanity;

Fellini, he gave the film a funny farce, a dream and a symbol (Hugo thinks that the introduction of comics is the beginning of romanticism), he always walks in the film at the critical point of seriousness and not seriousness, in seriousness and not seriousness. Let people see the absurdity of this world;

Tarkovsky gave the film a human reflection and introspection. It is pure poetry. His film does not face the audience, but faces the entire human race.

Antonioni gives the film a solid space, time lapse and clear rationality (of course, using art to express philosophy is the most stupid and difficult to please, but Antonioni is poetry to turn this philosophy into physical.

The most popular movies reflect the tastes of contemporary people! He seems to use film to shoot Lu Keli’s philosophical poem “The Theory of Material Nature”). The characters in his films are in some mysterious space or in the mystery of history. Therefore, rather than saying that he wants to express the fate of the character, it is better to say that he wants to express the mystery of fate. www.happystreetwebseries.com.