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Ten small foreign films, videos that will never let you down!

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Ten small foreign films, videos that will never let you down!

Recommend 10 small movies that can leave traces in your heart, and feel full of joy in your spare time;

Just a brief introduction, don’t want to be spoiled, but watching will never let you down! ! !

1,Iran’s classic movie “Children of Heaven” is also known as “Little Shoes”.

The film tells the story of a poor Iranian family’s simple family, and the last footage of his brother’s sneakers running for his sister’s sneakers is really touching;

Ten small foreign films, videos that will never let you down!

2, “Heidi and Grandpa”

The film is based on the Alps, the whole movie is really beautiful, and the grandfather’s transformation from the beginning to the inability to change his little granddaughter is really super cute;

3, “Flying over the madhouse” is the Oscar classic film, it is said that the source of “Xiao Shengke’s redemption” part of the inspiration is here;

The film tells about the numbness of people under the system of imprisonment, but when someone wants to break this old age, it is often the misunderstanding or even framed by others;

4, “Beautiful Life”, if you ask Xiaobian to read the most moving movies, this one can certainly be ranked;
Although the whole tone of the film is humorous, it also makes a huge contrast to the father’s unnecessary love, leaving tears in laughter. There is no doubt that this is a great comedy, with a comedy and a voice accusing the Nazis and concentration camps;

5,”Manchester by the Sea” is still the best original script for Oscar;

The film is slow and long, revealing a touch of sadness, and it is appropriate to appreciate at night, dreams and affection are all watching the film;

6, “Psychic Catcher” another classic Oscar;

The film tells a story of a genius math boy who was abandoned from childhood, with the help of psychologist Sean, no longer giving up, re-examining himself, a lot of tears in the film, a full and warm line, and thinking about himself from time to time. Film

7, “Happiness Terminal” Tom Hanks and Spielberg’s strong team;

The actor had to travel to New York for a particularly warm reason, but had to stay in the airport for nine months because of documents. During this period, he became a good friend of all the staff at the airport and even became a hero of the airport.

Ten small foreign films, videos that will never let you down!

8, “Intern” Xiaobian favorite Anne Hathaway’s movie;

Anne became a strong woman here, but the film’s male protagonist is the contractor of all the highlights, 70 years old, in order not to dementia to run to the fashion company to do interns, began to fall because of the development of the times, and later rely on Many years of work experience and noble character conquer everyone;

9, “Begin Again”

The young girl who loves music in New York meets the story of Bole in her life, the struggle between the two, and because of the music, the song is really nice;

10, “Me before You” based on the British hot serial novel adaptation

The male protagonist is the perfect person, but he suffered from a car accident, in order to end his disgusted self, applied for Swiss euthanasia, the heroine from the town is optimistic and simple, came to the actor’s home to accompany him, and hoped to use his own strength to let the male protagonist Give up on suicide.