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Two foreign films have revealed the beautiful side of life!

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Two foreign films have revealed the beautiful side of life!

When I am tired from work, I want to sit on the sofa and watch the movie, and I don’t want to watch the complicated adult drama. I don’t want to see the children’s drama. For the adult, it’s naive, so look for those simple and showable. A realistic drama of acting! These popular foreign movies you will like it!

Two foreign films have revealed the beautiful side of life!

The best foreign movie – “The rich life can’t stop my yearning for the countryside”

The story takes place in the beautiful Alps, where a lonely, reticent old man lives. One day, a little girl was brought to the old man by her aunt. This little girl is the granddaughter of the elderly, Heidi. Heidi’s parents died, but they were lively and kind. The grandfather who refused to adopt Heidi, and also under the infection of Heidi, gradually opened his heart and really loved this lovely granddaughter. Soon, Grandpa found a small companion to Heidi – Shepherd boy Pete. Pete brought Heidi up the mountain every day, and the fresh and beautiful natural scenery of the Alps attracted Heidi, which also gave birth to a deep friendship between Heidi and Pete.

However, the good times did not last long, Pete went to school, and Heidi was also deceived by aunt to a big city thousands of miles away, to accompany the disabled girl Crowla. Although the rich life is impeccable, Heidi deeply misses the life of his grandfather and the mountain. The grandfather in Dashan also cares about Heidi who doesn’t know where he is. Later, Heidi learned that she could no longer return to the Alps. Heidi began to become depressed, and even because of excessive thoughts, there were symptoms of night sleepwalking. Crowla’s father couldn’t bear to hurt such a lovely girl, so she sent her back to her grandfather.

The grandparents and grandchildren reunited again and were delighted. And Crowla was saddened by the departure of his dearest friend Heidi, and his body was getting worse every day. Finally, with the help of Grandma Clara, Crowla also came to the Heidi home. The splendid sunshine and fresh air of the Alps quickly restored the body of Crowla. Later, under the guidance of Pete and Heidi, Crowla gradually began to walk…

The film is exquisitely emotional, with a warm and ordinary little thing, step by step to depict the beautiful feelings before and after the person, without any deliberate but touching. The bright sunshine of the Alps, the flowers of the mountains and the vast clear sky, every frame is a rare landscape, which adds to the charm of this fairytale story. For fans who are tired of the superficiality of the magic film and the pursuit of value, “Heidi and Grandpa” is a good choice.

The best foreign movie – “I am bullied by the bad guys, but still believe in the world”

The film was adapted by the famous British writer Dickens’s novel of the same name. It tells the 19th century London, England, a kind of ornate orphan Oliver, who left the orphanage, wandered the streets, fell into the hands of the thief, struggled and eventually returned to the story of happiness.

The orphan Oliver was adopted by the church orphanage and engaged in heavy physical labor in exchange for food. Oliver decided to protest to the church on behalf of all the orphans because of the food, so he was annoyed and sold. The peasants who were sold to the chimney sweep were not sold and were sold to the coffin shop owner. The older boss of the boss, Oliver, bullied him all day, and insulted his mother, and the boss beat him. So he packed up his baggage and fled the place.

Along the way, I went to sleep on the road, almost starved to death, and finally to London. Unexpectedly, fell into the thief’s nest. Once, other thieves did not escape, and Oliver was mistakenly caught as a thief and sent to the police station. Here he met the benefactor Brown Brown, who was behind him. When Browne learned that he had married Oliver, he decided to adopt this poor child.

Two foreign films have revealed the beautiful side of life!

I thought I was going to live a happy life, but I was afraid that the thief would find a door and forcibly took away Oliver. Later they robbed Brown Robton and failed to prepare to kill Oliver. The kindly fellow Nancy was unsuccessful, so he went to the rich man to inform the rich, the rich man reported the case, and Nancy was brutally killed by the thief because he missed the news. The whole city wanted a thief, and one of the thieves, Sik, was hanged, and the thief’s head was also taken into prison. Oliver finally returned to the rich man and lived a happy life.

This foreign film is very realistic, from the restoration of the scene architecture, the careful selection of costume props, and the rich British accent, all perfectly show the 19th century foggy London style, which makes people feel like they are immersed in the movie. Oil painting-like tones and textures, but not boring and depressed, but have a unique sense of history.

The film’s portrayal of characters is also quite wonderful: good people are sentimental from the heart, and bad people seem to have some are forced by life, always lead to everyone’s thinking about human nature. In addition to being a children’s film, foreign film is also a social film, which writes about human suffering and makes good and evil. For fans who are pursuing the depth of foreign movies, I believe that they will not be disappointed after reading them.